Important Notice to Isla Vista Residents:

The Festival Ordinance will be in effect starting October 26th until November 4th. Any music audible from outside between the hours of 6PM and 7AM could result in a citation and a mandatory court appearance. This is a correction to other promotional material that has only mentioned the Halloween weekend.

Cars parked on any of the following streets will need to be moved off of the street by 3:00pm on Thursday, October 30th until 6 am on Sunday November 3rd.

  • 6500-6700 blocks of Del Playa

  • 6500 block of Trigo

  • Camino del Sur between Del Playa and Trigo Camino Pescadero between Del Playa and Trigo El Embarcadero between Del Playa and top of the loop.

Cars parked in violation will be cited and towed.

Hello UCSB and Isla Vista!

This year, the Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs is taking steps to maintain your safety and enjoyment during the Halloween Season of 2013. These steps include supporting and consistently updating the Halloween website (www.ucsbhalloween.com), and launching a series of campaigns meant to educate you about ways to keep safe and happy over Halloween weekend.

One of the most helpful things you can do to protect yourself and your home during this time of year is to stay informed. There have been changes made since last year on issues regarding parking (on campus and in IV), roadblocks, and county ordinances that arise as a result of Halloween. There are many ways you can stay informed. These include but are not limited to:

  • Checking this website periodically for updates (http://www.ucsbhalloween.com)
  • Attending the Halloween Town Forum on October 21st from 7:00pm-8:30pm in Embarcadero Hall. This will give you the opportunity to have your voice heard and get your questions answered! See the Events tab on our website for additional details.
  • Contacting our office by emailing either the EVPLA or Community Events Coordinator (email addresses are below).

We also encourage you to help keep Halloween a fun and local event. Please do not invite any out-of-town guests into IV for the weekend. Every year there are serious environmental, physical, and fiscal implications that occur as a result of the high number of individuals that visit from out of town. Isla Vista has become a place that our community has come to know and love, and we would like to ask that you help maintain the high level of respect we have for our home by not inviting guests from out of town.

Our Office is here to serve YOU, the students! Please be aware that we are happy to function as a resource for you in all issues regarding Isla Vista or the broader Santa Barbara County not just during Halloween season, but also throughout the entire year. Thank you for your support and cooperation, and have a great Halloween!


Alex Moore
External Vice President – Local Affairs
Associated Students UCSB
Tyler Washington
Community Events Coordinator
Associated Students UCSB


Do not forget to attend the Halloween Town Forum on Monday, October 21 at 7:00PM in Embarcadero Hall!

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