Important Notice to Isla Vista Residents:

Important Notice to Isla Vista Residents:

Police roadblocks will be placed at six intersections by 4pm on Friday, October 30th through 6am on Sunday, November 1. Residents on some streets will be asked to move their vehicles (look for signs posted in these areas) to allow emergency vehicles to better access the area. All vehicles affected by the roadblocks must be moved off the street by 3pm on Friday, October 30th until 6am on Sunday, November 1st. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit the area through roadblocks from 4pm nightly to 6am the following morning during this time. Vehicles not moved will be towed. Residents on the following streets must move their cars:

  • Del Playa residents on 6500, 6600, and 6700 blocks
  • Camino Del Sur residents between Del Playa and Trigo
  • Camino Pescadero residents between Del Playa and Trigo
  • El Embarcadero residents between Del Playa and top of the loop
  • Trigo residents on 6500 block only.

There will be a first aid/minor injury station located at the Embarcadero Loop (Embarcadero del Mar/Embarcadero) on October 30th and October 31st in the evenings.

The Festival Ordinance will be in place from October 26th to November 4th from 6pm to 7am each day. No loud or amplified music can be heard outside your residence or citations and fines will be issued.

IV Foot Patrol encourages students and IV residents to be responsible and have respect for others.

Remember to lock your doors and window to prevent theft!

Top 10 Tips to Keep it Local, Keep it Safe pdf


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