Important Dates and Restrictions


  • If you have a party, know who your guests are: Check your lease. Some leases have restrictions during Halloween weekend, including no parties, no kegs, no overnight guests.
  • No overnight guests are allowed in any of the UCSB residence halls beginning Friday,
    10/29 through Sunday, 10/31.
  • Students want to Keep It Local and Keep it Safe! Please discourage out-of-town visitors on Halloween weekend.
  • If your friends have been drinking, check on them. Stay with them if they need help. Don’t leave a friend stranded. Call a CSO evening escort at (805) 893-2000.


Note: Fines may vary due to circumstances.

  • Furnishing alcohol to a minor: $4,070  If a minor is driving and alcohol is in the vehicle (even if there is someone 21 or over, unless parent or guardian): $1,000 + license suspension if under 21 + possible 30-day vehicle seizure.
  • Possession of an open container: $235-$500
  • Minor in possession of alcohol: $416 +$165 Youth Offender Program (or one-year license suspension if no YOP).
  • Public intoxication: $375-$1,000 (+ $165 Youth Offender Program if under 21)
  • Public urination: $235 for first conviction.
  • Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana (without a doctor’s prescription): $100 + license suspension if under 21.
  • Under the influence of a controlled substance carries a mandatory 90-day jail sentence.
  • Social host ordinance violations: $500 + required class for each resident.
  • If law enforcement determines IV has become unsafe for the public, roads will be closed by the County and proof of residency (lease agreement, utility bill, etc. with your name and Isla Vista address) may be required for vehicle entry.
  • Local ordinance 28A-1: if you are participating in an unpermited event, or are part of a crowd blocking a street, keep moving or you may be cited up to $500.

Festival Ordinance (SBCO Sec. 6-70.1)

The festival ordinance (7-70.01) is in effect from Tuesday, 10/26 through Thursday, 11/4, from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. the following morning.

This ordinance prohibits persons from hosting outdoor festivals, music festivals, dance festivals or similar musical activities to which members of the public are invited or admitted (for free or charge) and which is to be or is attended by 500 persons or more in Isla Vista during those days.

Consequence: Any person who organizes, promotes, hosts, or attends (and fails to disburse when given a warning), may be in violation and subject to an infraction citation and a fine exceeding $500 (not including court costs).


Definition: The social host liability ordinance prohibits person(s) from allowing or hosting a party, gathering, or event (5 or more persons) at his or her place of residence or on other private property where alcohol is served to minors OR the host fails to take reasonable corrective measures after learning of possession or consumption of alcohol by minors on the premises.

Examples of reasonable corrective measures include: checking ID’s at the entrance; demanding minors refrain from drinking or leave; and reporting any minors to law enforcement who will not comply or leave.

The social host liability ordinance further declares it to be a public nuisance for any person to permit or host a gathering where alcoholic beverages are in the possession of, or being consumed by, minors.

Consequence: Any person found in violation is responsible for a civil penalty of $500 for a first violation; and the successful completion of a county-recognized counseling, educational, or other program within 90 days of receipt of notice of the violation.


No loud or unreasonable noise or music can be broadcast outside of any residence or building by musical instruments, drums, speakers, radios, or any other device that reproduces or broadcasts sounds during the following times:

Sunday through Thursday between 10pm and 7am the following day; or
Friday and Saturday between midnight and 7am the following day.

Any person in violation of this ordinance is subject to an infraction citation and subject to a fine not to exceed $100 for a first violation (not including court fees).

IV Foot Patrol encourages students and IV residents to be responsible and have respect for others.


  • Registered UCSB undergraduates with the Annual Night & Weekend (N&W) Parking
    Permit are eligible to park in designated campus lots or structures from 9a.m. on
    Friday, 10/29 to 7:30 a.m. on Monday, 11/1.
  • Individuals without a regular UCSB or N&W parking permit will be cited and towed.
  • The cost for the undergraduate N&W parking permit is $52.50. Apply
    online for permit at
  • Only one permit per registered student.
  • Parking for Halloween weekend is allowed only in specific campus areas: 22 Parking
    Structure and 30 Parking Structure. All other campus lots are subject to closure.
  • Vehicle info must match permit, or it will be towed, resulting in a $300 citation plus tow
  • Parking Restrictions from Friday, 10/29 to Sunday, 10/31 in Goleta Neighborhoods surrounding Isla Vista.


There be a police roadblock on the 6500 block of Trigo near the IV Foot Patrol Station.


Emergency first aid for public at the 6500 Block of Trigo, near the IV Foot Patrol Station.